Why Organic?

Certified Organic ingredients are the highest quality and the safest for you and your pet. Grown pure and whole, without toxic chemicals and without genetic modification.

Shake hand-crafts premium cat & dog grooming, cleaning, healing and wellness products made only with 100% certified organic ingredients.


Organic Pet Products Are REALLY For Your Family

Have you ever thought about the directions for applying common tick and flea topicals?

“Handle carefully. Do not contact with skin. Wear gloves at all times. Eye contact: flush continuously with cold water and call emergency response. Do not ingest…”

But it’s OK to put directly on our pet’s skin?
And then your dog plays with you, lays on your carpet, rolls on your pillow, gets petted by you and your family..

What’s the issue with common flea and tick topical treatments?
The primary active ingredients are neurotoxins (usually permethrin, pyrethrum, or other synthetic derivatives).
While shown effective, there’s a good reason the warning label is there.

This principle is translated to every product we use to care for our dogs and cats.

Organic Is More Nutritious  

Organic products contain real ingredients, not synthetic chemicals and substitutes that are created by companies to reduce costs and achieve their desired formulations.  Real 100% organic coconut oil has all of the beneficial properties (moisturizing, antiseptic, anti-fungal, pro-neurologic function, sun protecting) while synthetic Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) is a known carcinogenic compound that is still commonly used in a majority of products.

Real organic ingredients grown pure and whole are safe, natural and effective.

Organic crops are not genetically modified and do not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms), meaning that the crop genetic makeup has not been modified to resist toxic pesticides or diseases.  This is an experimental technology that combines DNA from plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding.  Shockingly, 90% of soy, corn and cotton grown in the US is now genetically modified.  Bees, birds, insects, and other crops are all susceptible to unknown cascading effects from exposure to GMO crops and the toxic pesticides used on them – let alone how it affects humans and dogs that eat it or are exposed to it.

USDA Organic regulations prevent the use of any GMO ingredients

Why do companies sell products with toxic chemicals?

Some companies may not understand that their ingredients are toxic.  Others may have ‘legacy’ formulas that have been used for decades (think petroleum based vaseline). Most companies use these standard synthetical chemicals because they are the standard – meaning they can reduce their costs greatly by taking advantage of current manufacturing practices, machinery, suppliers and formulation companies.  Cost is also a large factor in the ingredients themselves, as synthetic chemicals can be produced by the truckload.

Organic Products Are Regulated 

Did you know that personal care products are not regulated for safety in the U.S.? That means your shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, deodorant, lotions, creams, perfumes, sun screen, and other skin care products can have all kinds of artificial ingredients, GMO’s, and synthetic chemicals.

89% of all ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products (for humans!) have not been evaluated for safety by any publicly accountable institution!

According to FDA.gov, “Cosmetic [personal care] products and ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval authority, with the exception of color additives. Cosmetic [and personal care] firms are responsible for substantiating the safety of their products and ingredients before marketing”. This means that companies can put anything they like in products, and market them as safe.

All certified organic products must meet a rigorous third party regulatory process for safety and quality mandated by the USDA.

Organic Pet Products Are Ideal For Skin Conditions And Allergies

Does your dog or cat suffer from allergies or an irritating skin condition, you’ve probably tried everything hoping to provide your pet some relief. Why doesn’t anything work, and why should organic be any better?

What you put on your pets skin gets absorbed in the body and enters the blood stream. When you purchase products that have synthetic chemicals and additives, these neurotoxins can greatly impact your pets health.

No Synthetic Pesticides In Organic Products 

Synthetic pesticides are poisonous chemical compounds that prevent, kill, or repel insects and pests. Synthetic pesticides evolved from chemicals like mustard gas and nerve poison developed for chemical warfare in World Wars I and II. Seeking an outlet for their toxic chemicals after the war, manufacturers marketed them as a way to control insects, bacteria, plants and other pests.  Pesticides are known to cause significant health risks to people and pets—including birth defects, damage to the nervous system; disruption of hormones and endocrine systems; respiratory disorders; skin and eye irritations; and various types of cancers.

No Antibiotics In Organic

National organic standards prohibit the use of antibiotics in farm animals. Widespread use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs,” which pose increasing risks to animals and humans. The FDA has declared that antibiotic resistance in humans resulting from the use of antibiotics in animals “is an unacceptable risk to the public health.” 

Organic Is Better For The Land 

Organic farmers hep protect the soil, water, and air through natural farming practices like crop rotation, cover crops, and composting. By nourishing the soil, organic farmers reduce toxic waste runoff, and help ensure that our farmland will continue to be fertile and productive for many generations.

Organic Supports Your Community 

Organic farms create 21% more jobs than conventional farms and helps sustain economic growth in our communities.

Organic Pet Products Don’t Cause Health Issues

We may think of skin as a barrier, but it’s more like a filter that can absorb what’s applied to it.

Most commercial products (not 100% organic) contain toxic ingredients, and when applied to the skin they can be absorbed and quickly enter the blood stream to be distributed throughout the body.  Many commonly used (non-organic) ingredients are neurotoxins that affect how the nervous system functions, which can change behavior and lead to neurological disorders.  Digestive health, endocrine function, hormone balance, ear and eye health and many other physiologic issues can also be caused by exposure to toxic ingredients.

Does your cat or dog have allergies, excessive itching, sensitive digestion, hot spots, yeast infections, mange, and other skin sensitivities?

Check the ingredients in their food and grooming / care products.  Can you recognize what everything is, or are there unpronounceable chemicals?

Organic Tastes Better 

Researchers at Washington State University conducted lab taste trials on organic berries and found that food grown in harmony with nature were consistently sweeter and better tasting! Local and organic food are raised in accordance with the seasons and chosen for flavor rather than shelf life  – so it naturally tastes sweeter, cleaner, and fresher than non organic.

But Organic Is More Costly?

Organic products can be more costly then non organic due to the regulatory process required to ensure safety, cleanliness, and organic requirements.

It is important to be vigilant about the products you use on your pets. Check the ingredients and look them up if you don’t recognize what they are.  Preventative care starts with good eating habits, safe natural products, sleep, and daily exercise — to help your pets live happier and healthier lives.