Paw Spritz



Anti-fungal & Antibacterial
Natural & Holistic Paw Care

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100% Organic Paw Spritz For Cats & Dogs

Naturally cleans & disinfects paws
Soothes & hydrates
Fights odor-causing bacteria
Cleans & disinfects paws from outdoor pathogens — urine, dirt, debris, pollen
Freshens paws & bedding

Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Antiseptic

Safe For Kittens & Puppies
Non-GMO, Vegan and Cruelty Free

Organic Witch Hazel
Organic Aloe
Dead Sea Salt
Organic Lavender
Organic Chamomile
Organic Cucumber
Organic Rose
Organic Lemongrass
Organic Dandelion
Organic Red Clover

Size: 4.5 fl oz

minty and sweet with earth notes – 100% organic

Spray directly to paws as needed.
Natural + Holistic Paw Care

Shake well before use. Spray directly on to Paws.
Avoid eyes and mouth. Safe for kittens, puppies & humans.
Can be used on dog bedding and blankets.
All season use: indoor / outdoor

Use after any outdoor adventure to clean and disinfect paws.



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