Mouth Cleanser



Fights Odor Causing Bacteria
Easy Application       No-Rinse
Natural + Holistic Mouth Care

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100% Organic Mouth Cleanser For Cats & Dogs

Fights Gingivitis & Gum Disease
Freshens breath
Toothbrush Optional
Reduces tartar & plaque build-up
Naturally prevents tooth decay
Fights periodontal disease
Maintains healthy teeth & gums
Soothes Inflammation

No Synthetic Ingredients

No artificial flavors, No alcohol
Safe For Kittens & Puppies, Vegan and Cruelty Free

Organic Olive Oil
Organic Sunflower Oil
Organic Glycerin
Organic Peppermint
Organic Basil
Organic Cinnamon

Size: 2.2 oz

mild and minty with sweet earth notes – 100% organic

Shake well before use.
Apply 1 – 2 squirts directly in mouth as needed.
Rinsing not required. Toothbrush optional.
Avoid contact with eyes. Safe for kittens & puppies.
Use regularly to maintain healthy teeth, gums and breath.


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